Planet Mira called

I’m getting back on the writing wagon-horse-thing slowly. The manuscript is at 50k. If you had told me that I could do it, I’d agree that it was possible but doubtful I could spend more time on yet another solitary hobby. Well, I want this story done justice. I have a small word count goal this month, though, because I’m working on some book recommendations on a deadline and am playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U because I enjoy getting slaughtered by alien squirrel-kittens and sauropods when I try to place observational probes. It’s eating almost all of my writing time. The other eater of time is a persistent fatigue dealing with my health and medications.

I’ve been reading Stephen Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. I don’t agree with his evolutionary bio/psychology arguments, but the mountain of stats don’t seem especially massaged, except for some historical death tolls that we don’t have great records for and are thus controversial. The random person born into this world today is a lot less likely to encounter violence of any sort than its ancestors.

There are a few elements on this site I’d like to facelift, and I’ll ask some people who like UI for help. It may be a little too stark or Lost In Space. I may want to migrate to WordPress. The further changes should wait, though. Wait until my backlog of recs and reviews are done, at the very least! I want to set a goal for myself again: review a book or game every two weeks! Some of them might not appear here since I am reviewing all of the Anna Hackett ever. Maybe I will make an aggregate post of those so you can peruse at your leisure.