echo printf bonsoir mundo

My relationship with social media confuses me. I signed up for Facebook in college and now use it to look at pictures of my friends’ cats, see where people I’ve lost touch with are living and who they are loving. I ‘follow’ four people’s feeds: my brother’s, my best friend from childhood/adoptive sister’s, a close friend from college/former boss, and a friend who is local to me but posts good things about baseball, cats, and Hawai’i. I have twitter and tweet once a year in a twittish fashion, I follow plenty of people but only consistently read Devin Townsend’s posts. I use Google Plus to keep updated on my gaming acquaintances and friends from the Boston area. I keep a LiveJournal for my parents and some old friends and as a chronicle of my mundane life.

I’ve blogged for over two years about underwear engineering and construction. I still don’t really know how to write prose. I thought I would write about my vomit slime generating algorithms.

Last night I dreamed of a live-action role-playing game in which I played a fellow named Jack who had gotten lost in a space warp jump and landed in a galaxy a few parsecs off. People had Major Arcana but Jack didn’t have one either yet or at all. There may have been an Olympic coordinated gymnastics event somewhere in there, as well as some swimming races in lanes on top of an eight-story building. Or that might have been another dream. I love art and music and creative things. I also love you, though you terrify me.