blog hop and scene planning (introducing John)

I’m working on logistics for the SFRB’s Summer Blog Hop. I have so much to learn, since I’ve never participated, let alone run a blog hop before. My Websites for Writers help documentation may get shelved again. I think it may be worth just formatting as is and asking what people want to know.

John, my partner in most things, is exceptional at helping me sort scenes and plot threads out. A few nights ago we talked an hour about a scene I’ve been struggling with, featuring two conflicted characters facing off. He was able to peel apart some of what should be going on, especially in identifying the character motivations and how they fit (or wouldn’t!) with proposed actions. That will help me sketch out the beginning to the end of the scene.

He may not write fiction, but he does a ton of roleplaying, and he identifies with this little guy as a mascot:

Umbreon¬†Umbreon says “um” a lot, because life is quite the confusing thing. John’s always encouraged me in my creative endeavors, and has functioned as my muse every so often. So here’s to him, my black fox.