Obsidian Rim

Every week I check what’s new in SFR, and I see a lot of cover images featuring shirtless dudes, usually with no heads and sometimes with altered skin (say, tiger-striped, circuit-boarded, or purple). I read some of these books. I enjoy them. I’m happy other people enjoy them. But there are other things I want from SFR, too.

The SFRB posted an article about the new shared-world series called Obsidian Rim. Far-future space adventure romance. To say I’m excited would be a tame statement. It ticks my following boxes:

  • Available at all retailers
  • Humans only
  • A medium dose of science, so it’s not space fantasy
  • Character-driven story with relationships
  • Explore new society experiences

Things that don’t tick these boxes are cool with me, but there’s already plenty of that to read in SFR. This series sports a whole bunch of factors I like together that I don’t see done often.

So far, three books are out:

I believe in what this series is doing and want to support it as best I can. Ideally there will be reviews and giveaways to come. I think there are something like twenty books in the pipeline for 2019? I’m looking forward to that!

Book Review: Stranded with the Cyborg by Cara Bristol

The time and place

Our future, post 23rd century. There’s action on a space port, spaceship, and a wild planet with breathable atmosphere.

The suspension of disbelief

Space travel exists! Also, the government has a secret cyborg program where they outfit people with BCIs and nanomachines and such. The other civilizations have Near-Humans and Not-Very-Near-Humans.

The quick summary

Cyber Operations Agent Brock Mann is pulled from his well-deserved R&R to act as bodyguard for a diplomat. He and said diplomat have a history: she was a pain in his rear when he guarded her years ago, and got him fired by doing something pretty heinous, indirectly causing him career problems. She feels bad about it now, and is trying to get meaningful work done. Their journey goes awry, and they get stranded on a strange planet. Can Brock keep his computer parts a secret from Penelope on the planet together? Can she stop herself from jumping his bones? Does she even want to stop herself?

My squees

I’ve always been a bit confused by the idea of engineered cyborgs that grew in a vat. My thinking is that drones are making fighter pilots obsolete already- if we need a mix of human ingenuity and processing power, why not outfit volunteers (and give them command posts) rather than grow slaves? Brock’s cyborg nature fits in with we are making cyborgs today: something doesn’t work, so we’ll integrate machinery in for functionality (he gets upgrades, though). Cochlear implants and Deep Brain Stimulation have improved quality of life for many, and people are developing cybernetics to help paralyzed people walk. Brock’s situation was a bit more acute, but it seems like a viable step in the direction we’re going with cybernetics.

Bristol also pulled a fast one on me: it’s mentioned that Penelope is the former President’s daughter in promotional material. I hope it’s not a spoiler to say said President is Penelope’s mother. I fell into a trap, assuming the President was a fellow. Laura Roslin of Battlestar Galactica should have helped cure me of that! It’s such a small thing, but I applaud the author for putting another chink into my unconscious gendering of professions.

The planet’s secret is pretty cool, and the way it’s used in the final conflict is well done.

My grumbles

Brock decides that nobody would want a cyborg, so keeps Penelope in the dark about it and pushes her away. It may be a state secret, but he also doesn’t tell her for his own personal reasons. I feel like she can make her own decisions on that, and that any man who pulled that with me would never hear the end of how that was not cool.

Although some of Penelope’s attitudes and actions make sense for a civilian with her sense of the diplomatic situation and little survival training, she has to be saved enough times that I filed her under ‘distressed damsel’. It’s not a trope that jives with me.

Read if you

  • Like alpha male cyborg heroes (are there more manly names than Brock Mann?)
  • Enjoy second chances, or couples needing to grow up before they’re ready for each other
  • Value beauty in nature, and especially rocks

Skip if you

  • Roll your eyes at big manly men with many muscles
  • Think the girl should always save herself
  • Have had a scarring accident in chem lab

Disclosure and final thoughts

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I found it a fun and sexy romp, but I wasn’t too attached to our leads. Alpha males usually aren’t my type, so I think that colors my review. If you do like such heroes, you’ll enjoy this story more.

Author site: carabristol.com

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