Visual novels and Psychedelica

While I’m taking a break from my second novel, I’m learning how to make a visual novel with Ren’Py.

Why a visual novel? I’m experimenting with branching narrative. I’m a software dev. I used to compose music, and am curious about doing it again. And of course I write!

Why Ren’Py? Some of my favorite VNs are made in Ren’Py. To be fair, I could use Twine since I’m starting with almost no graphics. Maybe I should do that for story drafts.

But as research, I’m playing lots of visual novels on the Vita. I’ve been focusing on otome games: these are generally targeted at women and have pretty dudes in them that are sometimes dateable. The genre is often SFF, too, which makes it entirely my catnip.

Beautiful rainbows!

I started with the Psychedelica games: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk. Black Butterfly is now available on Steam as well as Vita.

There’s a wolf AND a hawk!

Black Butterfly reviews:

Ashen Hawk reviews:

I enjoyed both of these games so much- I look forward to replaying them sometime soon. They’ve got angst and some bittersweet endings. If you want a more hopeful game, I guess I’d go with Black Butterfly.