Obsidian Rim

Every week I check what’s new in SFR, and I see a lot of cover images featuring shirtless dudes, usually with no heads and sometimes with altered skin (say, tiger-striped, circuit-boarded, or purple). I read some of these books. I enjoy them. I’m happy other people enjoy them. But there are other things I want from SFR, too.

The SFRB posted an article about the new shared-world series called Obsidian Rim. Far-future space adventure romance. To say I’m excited would be a tame statement. It ticks my following boxes:

  • Available at all retailers
  • Humans only
  • A medium dose of science, so it’s not space fantasy
  • Character-driven story with relationships
  • Explore new society experiences

Things that don’t tick these boxes are cool with me, but there’s already plenty of that to read in SFR. This series sports a whole bunch of factors I like together that I don’t see done often.

So far, three books are out:

I believe in what this series is doing and want to support it as best I can. Ideally there will be reviews and giveaways to come. I think there are something like twenty books in the pipeline for 2019? I’m looking forward to that!

How I use BookBub to buy ebooks

Every morning, I get an email from BookBub telling me what’s on sale. I scroll through this, and automatically buy the book if…

  • I’ve read it before, enjoyed it, and haven’t bought it yet
  • It’s by an author I have liked and the blurb sounds at all interesting
  • A friend or blog told me it’s good, but I was on the fence

Here’s a list of the blogs I read:

If you have good sources to recommend me for science fiction, romance, fantasy, and any combination of the above, let me know!