Choice paralysis

I’ve signed up for another multi-week writing class where we try to write or revise a hundred pages. But I find myself confused as to what I want to work on: a project that’s 25% of the way through the first draft, or a brand new one? I’ve an idea for a fantasy romance…but it it fantasy when the magic is sufficiently advanced technology? It’s not set in space, so it’s not space fantasy. The project with some writing and plotting already done is another scifi romance.

Am I beguiled by the shininess of a new project, or does this indecision come from my fear of nobody wanting another book that’s set in the world of my first manuscript? Sequels are a hard sell. So motivating myself for working on that project can be difficult any given day.

But I need to remind myself that the high-order bit is that I’m writing. Writing is good for me. Either story needs a good structure, its beats figured out, and its themes crystallized. Figuring out those things help keep my brain balanced.