Nobody suspects a thing…

It’s a new calendar year! I hope to continue as I have. With a few little adventures to New Mexico and New York City in the works.

January and February is when I tend to spend the most time on video games. I think this is because that’s the time of year when I’m low energy but not on Power Save mode yet.

Radiant Historia

2017, Nintendo 3DS

A worthy remake, I hear, though I didn’t play the original. It took me a while to get into it, but then I was sold. The mechanics for moving around in time are fun although I sometimes thought I needed a walkthrough to avoid wasting a bunch of time.

Good music and voice acting, turn-based combat, and an interesting story. That’s what I like from my RPGs.

Octopath Traveller

2018, Nintendo Switch

I’m addicted to Octopath because it’s…well…fun. The characters are reasonable if not remarkable, the music is pleasant if not earwormy, and the combat is well-balanced.

Primrose Azelhart is my favorite character so far because I love myself a tortured heroine. She has waited so long and suffered so many indignities for her revenge…but what will she do once she gets it?