pitching and working

I was happy to enter Pitch Wars. I haven’t heard anything, but I didn’t expect to: this contest gets a lot of entries. Book matchmaking may be as difficult as finding a good romantic relationship!

I’m off to Japan again in two weeks. My goal is to have manuscript draft v3 done by then, so I can give it at least a temporary rest and potentially start on another story. Figure out whether I even want to continue writing just now, or want to do an independent programming project, or have some other big idea. I don’t have any LARPs that I want to run, though, and for tabletops, I’m not sure where to take my own. All that headspace is still consumed by the world I’ve built for writing.

Work, meanwhile, is more of the same. I think I need to figure out what I’m doing there and how to proceed. Ideally, the trip to Japan will give me some external perspective.

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