Too many jobs

Due to unforeseen circumstances and some ill-timed illness, my contract work is still ongoing. I’ve delivered the first, project, have a second big one I’m still working on, and a third in the works. Several things have had to go by the wayside in the meantime. I’m not pleased about this. Once my programming contracts are done, I’m going to take a break from that for a while. I anticipate being done by the end of May, although I’m really shooting for earlier.

I did take a week of vacation in SD during which I did a bunch of editing. I think I can safely say I’m beyond most revision and mostly need line edits at this stage. I’ve a few extra scenes to write due to things I’ve figured out after some feedback from alpha readers. While I was on vacation, I thought about all the things I want to do with the time I have. I’d like to mentor women who want to learn technical skills but aren’t really in a position to go to school- so mostly older people. My grandmother figured out how to use DropBox. She’s in her nineties. With lots of places downsizing and an infinite number of cheap college grads available for hiring, how do you keep your supposedly non-technical job?

After vacation, I got sick. Suboptimal. It’s mid-April and there’s still the threat of snow in Boston. Spring will no doubt be a Thursday this year.

So that’s a brief update.