Remote control

I’ve been sick and adjusting to the way my job has changed. I love where I’ve moved- a flat in a well-trafficked area- and John has made it all homey. But I need to set boundaries. Since I have no interruptions, I can just stay in high energy consumption mode for longer periods of time than I used to. I miss office chatter. I’m exhausted by the end of the day and can barely play video games, let alone read or write.

Structure lets me maintain discipline. I need a state of “working for pay” and, well, not. Here are the rules and guidelines I’ve been trying to follow.

  • When I get up, always take meds, eat, and get dressed before starting work. It’s something of a morning routine and helps me set a psychological pattern.
  • Use a different operating system when I’m working. Macmode is workmode. Windowsmode is everything else.
  • Take a break, at least one hour, for lunch and the gym every day. Or at least get out of the house. Preferably around 2PM.

I’ve thought about taking a walk in the morning before starting work, but I’m such a sleepyhead that it might be hazardous, especially as the weather gets colder. Maybe bring a mug of coffee to sip while walking? I think that’s legal here.

How do you set boundaries for your work? How do avoid burnouts?