Translocation across time

I used to live several blocks from my current place. Moving back here after four and a half years feels exciting and familiar. My time in Seattle was a wonderful adventure, but it is so nice to cook dinner with friends and family most nights. It means easy access to my friends’ cats, and just seeing all these different people every day in the square and on the subway. Same drugstore. Same grocery store. Most of my friends here haven’t moved. The neighborhood hasn’t changed much in the past five years. I guess it’s slowly gentrifying. The subway’s a bit more crowded, and the traffic’s a bit worse. I think.

What’s different? My job is from home now. I have a roommate I adore, and new in-laws close at hand. I’m working on my manuscript again, but I’m still working on getting my new routines down. The house has made a lot of progress, but there’s so much more stuff to organize. I have a new desk! It’s smaller than the last one and doesn’t have storage on the side, but it feels more solid and it looks cuter. I’m building a new computer to write on and giving the old one to my mother.

The biggest adjustment, though, is having one shared bathroom for the house. It means a little more forethought when you take a shower or need to use the toilet or brush your teeth. And if that’s the biggest adjustment to moving cross-country, I am a very lucky woman.

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