We’ve landed

I’ve moved to the Boston area. This was an insane cross-country move that John and I prepped well for but was still a massive stress producer. We still have boxes around the house, and I don’t know where many of my physical possessions are. I am sleeping a ton, and trying to get things done in a responsible and deliberate fashion. I’ve been pushing myself too hard though, so my body’s shut down on me a few times.

Being a remote employee is different. I have an ideal routine set up that I haven’t been able to follow yet. In the morning after I wake, take a brief walk. This is to replace the commute in my head. My psychologist recommended this as well as doing something at the end of the day. Then do work in the morning until lunchtime. Most days I’ll eat at home, except Wednesday Lunch Dates, where John and I will attempt to scope out restaurants in the area. Half an hour after lunch, I’ll head to the YMCA and either do cardio or weights. It can be tough to figure out which to do each day as I’m starting up: I’ve gotten out of shape, so soreness happens a day after lifting sessions. That should get me out of the house daily if the morning walk didn’t happen.

I worry that all my thoughts are scattershot and that half of what I say or write doesn’t make sense. I haven’t been able to write much, because getting work figured out was the first priority. Now I have to fight with myself to write again. I’ve worked on making concrete the rules of the world that I’d abstracted in my head. Scrivener is great for picking through a manuscript, but I want to make a printout and mark up where to inject more background and details. There’s something nice about seeing rainbow sparkly ink on white paper, instead of comments and highlights on a screen.

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