Mahler didn’t write in winter


I┬áhave little creative energy in the winter. Sometimes I get frustrated with this, then remind myself that not everyone can write words or music all the time. That I am able to do it at all, and have any time or energy to do so, makes me a lucky human. This month I’m doing Camp NaNo, and committing to spend thirty hours on revision this month. So far I’m on track.

A friend saw me working on some scene triage the other day, and it led to several people asking if I was going to publish. I responded that I wasn’t sure yet: I could submit it to publishers or do it myself. I could just give the manuscript to several friends after I think it’s as good as it’ll be. Or I can hide it under the bed and nobody except John gets to read it. Publishing would put a bunch of pressure that I could do without. When I was very little I wanted to write novels. Now that I am, I don’t know if I want to deal with the business end of things: deadlines aren’t my favorite and I’m a slow writer. I already have a job with deadlines and other creative projects, like running tabletop roleplaying games, with deadlines.

I have a vacation starting next week- first one since November- and I have some reads I found interesting. In no particular order, I’d love to read most of these:

Also, I should get myself to write reviews for Dubai Double-Cross, Race to Redemption, and The Last True Hero. Posting this here might make me actually write them.