SFR Galaxy Awards giveaway

Yay! Congratulations to all the SFR Galaxy Award winners!

To celebrate, I’ll send three winners three books each. Since some books are in a series, winners can pick the first book in the series as their prize instead. Winners can choose from the list of paperbacks and ebooks. For more on the books, visit the awards page.


  • Shades of Treason by Sandy Williams
  • Prodigal by Jody Wallace
  • Jumper’s Hope by Carol Van Natta
  • Dark of Light by Audrey Sharpe
  • Star Cruise: Outbreak or Hostage to the Stars by Veronica Scott
  • Nobody’s Hero by Bec McMaster
  • Vortex of Crimson by Lise MacTague
  • Pirate by Eve Langlais
  • Gladiator, Hell Squad: Holmes, or Hell Squad: Niko by Anna Hackett
  • The Champion of Barésh by Susan Grant
  • Vellmar the Blade by Fletcher DeLancey
  • The Cold Between by Elizabeth Bonesteel
  • One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews
  • Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time by Cherie Dimaline, Gwen Benaway, David Robertson, Richard Van Camp, Nathan Adler, Daniel Heath Justice, Darcie Little Badger, and Cleo Keahna


  • Crash and Burn by Cynthia Sax
  • Through Uncharted Space by Anna Hackett
  • Fools Rush In by Donna S. Frelick
  • Gambit by PJ Dean
  • The Rule of Luck by Catherine Cerveny
  • Warrior Wench by Marie Andreas (Amazon only)
  • Pets in Space anthology by Alexis Glynn Latner, Cara Bristol, Carysa Locke, Laurie A. Green, Lea Kirk, Pauline Baird Jones, S. E. Smith, Susan Grant, and Veronica Scott

Winners will also get their pick of a shorter work:

  • Quickshot by Pippa Jay
  • Clockwork Menagerie by Elliot Cooper

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post letting me know at least one book you’d choose from this list and why. The giveaway will end 5PM Pacific Standard Time on 8 February. Winners can be from anywhere on Earth.

26 thoughts on “SFR Galaxy Awards giveaway”

  1. Well I have several of these as ebooks already, but I do t have hardly any as paperback! Id probably chose Veronica Scott’s Star Cruise: Outbreak since it’s one of my favourites of her series and I don’t have any of her paperbacks! Alternatively, I’d chose Fools Rush In since that’s a series I want to start soon.

  2. So many books… pirate by Eve Langlais. She mixes, good characters, interested ting plots and humor into a fun, enjoyable read. Anna Hachett’s Through Uncharted Space. I lover her story building and strong characters.

  3. I would choose the book Gladiator by Anna Hackett. I find her to be an incredibly gifted storyteller and I love the complex worlds she creates and the characters she populates them with. I have her work on my Kindle but there is nothing like curling up with an.actual book on a lazy day.

    1. Cynthia, I sent you an email, but you haven’t replied. I’ll send another. Please contact me by the 5PM 20th Feb PST.

  4. I’d choose one of the Hell Squads because I own the whole series in ebook format and absolutely adore them! You start reading and then bam! you’re done because you’re not aware of reading the entire book because it’s played like a movie in front of your eyes. So you set it down with a sigh and dream about it the next few days.

  5. i would choose hell squad holmes or hell squad nico since ive read anna hacketts galactic gladiators and loved them!!!

  6. I would have to have either of Anna Hackett’s paperbacks! I have her books on kindle, but nothing beats holding an actual book in your hands. Her stories are filled with action, adventure, twists, and steamy romance. They draw you into the story and you feel like you are really there, living right alongside the characters!

  7. I would like One Fell Sweep. I keep meaning to read the series but my TBR pile is so high I hate to add to it. (Like that ever stops me for long.)

  8. I already own most of these books in Kindle format, but I’m with Kari on curling up with a good paperback. I’d love having a print copy of any of these books, but especially Champion of Baresh by Susan Grant or Gladiator by Anna Hackett.

    Thanks so much for organizing this SFR Galaxy Award giveaway!

  9. I absolutely adore Anna Hackett’s characters in the Hell Squad series and the Gladiator series and would love to add one to my collection.

  10. I would totally choose Anna Hacketts Gladiator, her books completely drag me in and I lose myself in the worlds and stories she creates. She makes me wish I could be a part of them!

  11. Hi, I would love a copy of Gladiator by Anna Hackett. I am hooked on Anna’s stories. She brings action, sci-fi and romance together in a way that fires my imagination. I need my fix of attractive alpha males to keep me company (and sane)when insomnia hits.

  12. I would love Gladiator or Holmes by Anna Hackett. I’m a huge fan and a paperback of hers would go in my “keeper” stack.

  13. Through Uncharted Space by Anna Hackett … because it’s Anna Hackett. Also Crash and Burn by Cynthia Sax because ….Cyborgs. I”ve read both authors before & really enjoy their book & style of writing

  14. I would like to read Gladiator by Anna Hackett in paperback. One of my favorite movies is Gladiator with Russell Crowe!

  15. Given a choice I would chose Gladiator by Anna Hackett. I’ve read the series in ebook format and absolutely love it! Her writing really brings the story to life, I couldn’t stop reading until I finished each book. Then I would wait anxiously for the next one to be released.
    I have to agree with so many others, as much as I enjoy ebooks there is no comparison to reading a paperback. There is just so much satisfaction in turning each page. I hope to be one of the lucky winners!

    1. Mona, I sent you an email because you won, but you haven’t replied. I’ll send another. Please contact me by the 5PM 20th Feb PST.

  16. Hi, I love Anna Hackett, her books take me to another world. I have both the Hell Squad series as the Gladiator series as ebooks, but I am still a huge fan of paperbacks. I would love a copy of Gladiator.

  17. I would choose Hell Squad: Holmes by Anna Hackett since Hell squad is one of my favorite series. Although I have it as an e-book there is nothing like having a print book especially since this is one of my favorite in the series . There are a lot of good choices to choose from. Many of them are on my list to read or I have read.

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