Back from Asia

I didn’t get as much reading done over my Asia trip as I would have liked. Four and a half books is plenty, but there were many times I didn’t feel like reading.

Escapism is a popular reason to read genre fiction. Maybe there’s a little escapism in my reading. I don’t read with it in mind, though. I read fiction so that I can experience reality more deeply, so that I can empathize better with others, so my mind is more flexible. I want to know how everybody feels, fictional or non. The more experiences I can think through, even if they’re not my own, make my life richer. They make me ask questions about what I am doing and what I want to do in life.

Travel can be the same for me. I am still busy processing my experiences in Japan and Taiwan. I learned a bit more about where and who I come from historically and presently. To those who don’t have Taiwan on your wish list, I’d urge you to add it, especially if you love cities and nature.

Unrelatedly, I accidentally got myself into DRM purgatory by downloading a book I purchased and accidentally authorizing it with my library account in OverDrive. Now I can’t read it in Adobe Digital Editions, among other things. I thought, well my bad, I’ll purchase another copy, but I can’t do that with the same retailer since it’s in my eLibrary, though not readable there. I sent an email to the retailer to see if they can remove it from my library or issue another key.

For the rest of the year, I have a few books published in 2016 that I need to read if I’m to do the SFR Galaxy Awards. I have some books on my short list, but I’m looking forward to more travel reading (I’m going to San Francisco in a week and then the East Coast mid-December)!

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