One hundred to one

I was discussing reading in my writing class, and some classmates noted that they hadn’t read any fiction in years. This blew my tiny mind. I only started writing because I was reading so much: reading converted to creative fuel for writing. It can also function as creative fuel for making and running games, but writing’s what I’ve been doing the past year and some. I did some arithmetic and figured out that I read about a hundred times the words I write. People have different paces and ratios, I’m sure. I don’t think mine is unusual, though.

Sixteen years or so ago when Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series was taking off, she had profiles of a lot of the Hunters with their theme songs, which were inevitably hard rock or metal. I’m a big metal fan myself, and use a lot of music to inspire and drive my writing words. A decade ago I read less and was making music instead. Crafting music and words are both important to me, and someday I’d love to do both, but for now I like the money a full-time job offers me. My ratio of songs listened to versus written is probably higher than a hundred to one…maybe I’m a more efficient writer than composer, or maybe I’ve just gotten more productive as I’ve gotten older.

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