First milestone

I finished my first draft of my first novel! It’s over 100k words. There’s a story in there, but it’s going to require plenty of revision and then editing. I anticipate the process will take several years. I may put it down to work on other stories or games.

I adore big projects. Having finished phase one of this one feels wonderful. I baked a pumpkin bread loaf in celebration.

For now, I’m going to write filler scenes and perspectives, do some writing exercises so I can get to know the characters a little better. I’m working on the Nancy Kress prompt: describe a character through another character’s eyes. I’m working on multiple characters and multiple perspectives, and I’ve discovered some things already.

Then it will be November, and I’ll take a two month break from my novel. I might write a bit of something else, but I’m looking to read and review other books to fill my creative well. I’ll be traveling most of November, too, so I can make a dent in my to-be-read pile!

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