A lull, but exciting adventures coming up!

The post-wedding recovery has begun, and I’ve been taking it slow, playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Pokemon Go, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Taking walks with my mom in the Woodland Park Zoo, reading, and zoning out. I started to write a bit again, and now I have climactic conflict scenes to do. While I’d love to finish by the end of August, I don’t know how feasible that is, so I’ll shoot for the autumnal equinox. I can’t do NaNo this year, as I’ll be traveling through Asia.

I love having my mom around, even if I get grief about being a bad housewife (housecleaning and keeping the plants watered are not my forte). I guess this is why I have a day job? Even if I went part-time I wouldn’t be good at doing housework. Mom thinks I’m getting the better end of the bargain here…

At work I started a new project that involves streamlining a hiring process. It’s all done by paper and random emails now, and I’m going to put it into a database so things can easily be viewed side-by-side and HR doesn’t have to organize everything by hand.

In a month is the honeymoon, which is a vacation in New Mexico, Land of Enchantment! I found myself fascinated by Albuquerque and Santa Fe last time we went. This time, John and I are going to the opera. We also anticipate seeing a really large Moon, desert air, and afternoon thunderstorms!

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