Madness in March

February was a productive month for words, March not so much. I hit a point in the story (about two-thirds through) where I needed to resolve a bunch of plot questions and character matters before I proceeded with further scenes. Now I have more of a roadmap to the climax, but there are still blanks for the action scenes. I don’t know how to write a chase scene or a fight scene, especially with exotic weaponry. There are a few loose ends to weave in, too. I’m working on mapping out the scenes some more before I write them, because I’m mostly a planner. I’ve also had the cold that wouldn’t die, and a general lack of energy. John suggested maybe doing a month next year in Albuquerque. Rentals are doable for us- thanks inflated software pay! That sounds pretty awesome to me if I can swing it with my workplace.

I’ll be doing April Camp NaNo. Yay! I’m in a cabin with two pro writers and I anticipate some writing and plenty of cheering along on my part.

I’ve been thinking bunches about robots and artificial intelligence recently and human fears about it. With better robotics, we can automate away jobs. This upsets people. I am unsurprised to hear this, but humanity is approaching the point where our output can wildly and trivially meet our needs, if not our demands. With better cybernetics, we can become better, faster, and stronger, disadvantaging groups if access is restricted (by law or by money/resources). Better AIs mean better surveillance, a key ingredient of some imaginary dystopian states. All of these require further thought and reading in news and fiction for me.

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