Did I long for alienation?

Last Saturday I went to Penny Arcade Expo. I’d never been before, but most of my friends have. I was less aghast by commercial pressures than I might have been. The Square Enix section had demos of Final Fantasy XV, which looked slick as expected, and Life is Strange, which I’ve yet to play but intend to someday. I was too depressed about Bioware not supporting anything further for PS3/X360 in their Dragon Age DLCs and updates to investigate what they had. Nintendo had lots of Mario Maker on display and a cool demo of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Nice surprises came in the Indie Megabooth. I got to speak with Christine Love of Love Conquers All Games and play a demo of her upcoming game/visual novel Ladykiller in a Bind. I love that the characters don’t have names, just titles. It makes us project our ideas of beastliness and nerdiness onto the characters, and because our ideas of these stereotypes may differ in nuance, we create extra layers to the characters. Love and I agreed that Korean history doesn’t get anywhere near as much attention as Chinese or Japanese, despite its richness and relative population. She said this was part of what inspired Analogue: a Hate Story. Anyway, I told Christine she was super cute, because she is. She wants to make the world cuter and she’s doing more than her part.

I also found Playsets, a virtual tabletop geared to remote tabletop RPGs. It’s system-agnostic, and is mostly there to provide visual representation of what’s going on. This is great for people like me who are terrible at remembering how big a building is. The sets are the tilesets You can make our own dungeons or buy some prefabs. They don’t have a science fiction set yet, but it’s a common request. I’d buy that.

Sunday I fired up the PS3 and played Tales of Xillia for the first time in eight months. I don’t know if I will finish it by the new year what with writing as a hobby, but if I do I have plenty of other games in my backlog before I ever get the the games I saw at PAX…

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