pitching and working


I was happy to enter Pitch Wars. I haven’t heard anything, but I didn’t expect to: this contest gets a lot of entries. Book matchmaking may be as difficult as finding a good romantic relationship!

I’m off to Japan again in two weeks. My goal is to have manuscript draft v3 done by then, so I can give it at least a temporary rest and potentially start on another story. Figure out whether I even want to continue writing just now, or want to do an independent programming project, or have some other big idea. I don’t have any LARPs that I want to run, though, and for tabletops, I’m not sure where to take my own. All that headspace is still consumed by the world I’ve built for writing.

Work, meanwhile, is more of the same. I think I need to figure out what I’m doing there and how to proceed. Ideally, the trip to Japan will give me some external perspective.

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GrubStreet Writers


I took a writing class at GrubStreet a few weeks ago. It was on some worldbuilding techniques. I hadn’t taken classes there before, so I was happy to find this class useful, informative, and fun. I loved seeing what ten different people did with the same prompts!

Inspired by that, I decided to try to get things ready for PitchWars this year. That means polishing my first chapter further, writing a query letter, and writing a synopsis…in less than three weeks. I think I can do it? At the very least it will be good practice. The community seems to involve a lot of Twitter. I’m not much for twitter. I would prefer to talk to humans. I’d love to find a writing group. I could find one there, but…again, I like talking to people in person. Especially about craft.

Also, I just realized I need a way to avoid killing the puppy in my next book. I write for myself, but if I ever want anyone else to read it, I can’t kill off the puppy. People have trouble with that even in horror. Maybe I’ll write a draft just for my own amusement in which I am awful.

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Back to writing again!

Blog Writing

I am back to revising after the contracting that got out of control. I had to set a new goal- to finish this draft by early October. Namely, before I go to Japan for vacation.¬†Due to all that kerfuffle, I’m not sure I want to go to ReaderCon. I’m almost finished with Act II. It’s the longest, and I’ve gotten faster at revision and editing. So I’m currently optimistic about meeting my self-imposed deadlines.

I want to work on a short story based in the world of a LARP that some friends run. It’s a different cyberpunk. I’m super lucky to be able to collaborate in different visions of the future with others. Writing can be a pretty solitary experience, and I’m an extravert- I need to spend time with other people.

And, to share in my luck, I’m going to give away a bunch of SFR paperback books! I’m going to lay down a bunch of GDPR-speak in them. Basically, I get your name and address and then don’t use it except to send you books. I’m looking forward to it!

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Too many jobs


Due to unforeseen circumstances and some ill-timed illness, my contract work is still ongoing. I’ve delivered the first, project, have a second big one I’m still working on, and a third in the works. Several things have had to go by the wayside in the meantime. I’m not pleased about this. Once my programming contracts are done, I’m going to take a break from that for a while. I anticipate being done by the end of May, although I’m really shooting for earlier.

I did take a week of vacation in SD during which I did a bunch of editing. I think I can safely say I’m beyond most revision and mostly need line edits at this stage. I’ve a few extra scenes to write due to things I’ve figured out after some feedback from alpha readers. While I was on vacation, I thought about all the things I want to do with the time I have. I’d like to mentor women who want to learn technical skills but aren’t really in a position to go to school- so mostly older people. My grandmother figured out how to use DropBox. She’s in her nineties. With lots of places downsizing and an infinite number of cheap college grads available for hiring, how do you keep your supposedly non-technical job?

After vacation, I got sick. Suboptimal. It’s mid-April and there’s still the threat of snow in Boston. Spring will no doubt be a Thursday this year.

So that’s a brief update.

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SFR Galaxy Awards coming up!


I rather foolishly took on some freelance programming work on top of my full-time job, so I have not been writing for a while. But I’m feeling this should be more of a reader’s blog with less creative navel-gazing– I save that for my diary. Original content here will have to wait until March.

I am going to return as a judge on the SFR Galaxy Awards! I always end up adding plenty of books to my TBR pile after reading the other judges’ picks. I have a little update and manifesto up for this year. Winners will be announced 31 January.

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