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I program computers for my day job. In my spare time, I write post-cyberpunk romance with some fantasy and science fiction scribblings here and there. Social and philosophical issues of possible futures are fun to explore: how will humans adapt to their new capabilities and problems?

It’s no coincidence that those themes are what I like to read about, too. I read to try possible worlds on and document how I experienced them. I review books in hope that readers who will like them can find them more easily. Sometimes I get a free copy of the book, and I always specify that in the review. I don’t accept monetary compensation for them.

I grew up in New Jersey as the first child of immigrants of two different nationalities. I went to college in Providence, RI and graduate school in Santa Barbara, studying how to make funny noises come out of machines. Stints in New York City and Boston followed. Today I reside in Seattle with various robots and Mr. Saturn.


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